Complete Streets Summit

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The Complete Streets Summit provided an educational opportunity for people to learn how to create an environment that supports more then moving cars from one point to another. It established how designing our streets for people, rather then just cars; can have a larger benefit for the our community's residents, businesses and municipalities. Whether its improved health, a cleaner environment or enhanced economic activity and competitiveness - cities and regions are creating Complete Streets to achieve multiple goals. The Summit highlighted these benefits, provided exemplary national best practices for implementation and launched a campaign to bring people into the equation when designing our streets in the future. Learn more about Complete Streets on this site, get your neighborhood involved and access national best practices to become part of the growing Complete Streets movement in our community.


Gail Dorfman
Hennepin County Commissioner
Hennepin County, Minnesota

Complete Streets: Local Policy Implementation in Hennipen County

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Tavis Dockwiller
Viridian Landscape Studio,
Philadelphia, PA

Lanscape Case Studies including Allegheny Riverfront, and Onondaga County New York

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Jeff Olson
Alta Planning and Design
Saratoga Springs, NY

Innovative Infrastructure: Real Solutions for Walking & Biking

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Sam Zimbabwe
District Department of Transportation
Washington DC

Complete Streets: DC Policy & Experience

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Howard Zemsky
Co-Chair WNY Regional Economic Development Council

Leveraging the Business Community to develop Complete Streets networks in Buffalo, NY

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The City of Buffalo is currently in the process of planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining the city’s street network.

View the Resources links to learn more about complete streets and participate in the public process.